Hunt + Gather

A collaborative dinner challenge by Thought For Food
Featuring guest chef Leif Hedendal

A unique dinner challenge where you will "hunt" for local ingredients prior to the dinner and gather to cook a spontaneous 4 course meal with Chef Leif. 
 150 Mississippi Street, San Francisco

A special bag with an official invite and “hunting” instructions will be mailed to each guest. Each invite will include unique ingredient descriptions (green, leafy, or bitter for example), and guests will be challenged to interpret and source a fruit, vegetable, or herb to complement the meal. Participants are encouraged to forage, pick, or purchase their finds and gather information about its origin. The menu will ultimately be determined by the particular choices and interpretations of each guest. 

Once the ingredients have been brought to the table, guests will have the opportunity to share their choice.  With no preparation, the chef will be challenged to spontaneously design, prepare and plate an entire 4 course meal based on the collective ingredients, with the addition of chef provided seafood and meat.  All guests will share in the cooking process with our head chef.   

Leif Hedendal is a cook and artist who's work focuses on eating design, social practices, underground dining, pedagogy, health, agriculture, and food politics. Having trained at noma (rated #1 restaurant in the world since 2010), Chez Panisse, Citron, Greens, and numerous Barcelona restaurants, his cuisine focuses on micro-seasonality, humanely raised meat, under–utilized vegetables, urban ag, and wild forage. He has done food–based work with SFMOMA, YBCA, Berkeley Art Museum, Kadist SF, Soex, Catharine Clark Gallery, Triple Base Gallery, Garage Biennial, Studio for Urban Projects, Kinfolk Magazine, OPENrestaurant, Art In General (NYC), Space All Over (NYC), Ballroom Marfa, NADA at Art Basel Miami, Open Engagement (Portland), He Said She Said (Chicago), Roots and Culture (Chicago), and InCUBATE (Chicago). Leif's ongoing project since 2008, Dinner Discussion, a series of meals bringing together artists, food activists, curators, and writers to discuss their projects and form connections, has traveled to Copenhagen, NYC, and Chicago. He has been a guest lecturer at Harvard, CCA, SFAI, Mills College, and the Danish Royal Academy of Art.

Photos by Kimberley Hasselbrink & Lisa Mishima