Surf Pops

Thought for Food was recently invited to create a food experience for the opening of the Deep Craft Atelier Pop-up.  The three week shop led and curated by artist, Scott Constable, featured his Deep Deck longboard skateboard, an on site manufactory, and a gallery carrying surf and skate inspired goods from local artists and designers.  The event kicked off the launch of Storefront Lab, a year-long program developed by Yosh Asato and David Baker, exploring storefronts as places of community, creativity and local industry.

For the event, Thought for Food took inspiration from the beach vendors that might hang out on a boardwalk, comb the beaches, or otherwise contribute to a culture rooted in California in the 1960's. What more fitting way to find refreshment than from a popsicle? Made for one, designed for quick consumption with flavors that reflected sun, sand and sea.  We imagined how these three staples of either surf or skate life might taste and called them "Surf Pops". 

Our graphic coolers recalled another era, and came specially equipped with "salt" and "sand" (almond meal) cups so customers could dip their pop for an extra bonus taste/texture.

"Sun" was truly a taste of the sun with spicy and citrus flavors from habanero peppers, lime, and strips of mango. "Sand" was a nutty, and sweet, pudding like pop with almond, black sesame and caramel. Cucumber, vanilla and mint were the primary ingredients of "Sea," which visually gave people an interpretation of the sea as if frozen and put on a stick. Each frozen treat had a specially designed mini-surfboard that identified it's flavor.