White On White

White on White was a meal created for the all white event, Le Diner a San Francisco. The elegant flash picnic brought together thousands of guests dressed in formal white attire, lugging in their own meals, chairs, and bubbly to a secret location for a night of food, music, and dancing. For our intimate party of 12, we took the opportunity to push the limits of the theme by exploring the spectrum of white - its variations, textures, and flavors in a multi-course meal. 

For the trek to the picnic destination we created a set of toolbox inspired benches, which were used to carry in our supplies – ingredients, place settings, and décor. These were later used as dining benches for our guests.

The meal itself was prepared in advance and each course, composed of white ingredients, was plated on site. Each of the nine courses focused on a single essence of the color.

Foam – Egg white, Pisco, lemon, sugar.

MilkMitico - Spain, Gouda – Europe, Honey Chevre – Holland, Bijou – Vermont.

Light – Endive, shaved pear, gorgonzola, vinaigrette.

Cream – Corn, crème fraiche, onion, white truffle oil, cream, white pepper.

Salt – Halibut, scallop, lime and grapefruit, aji Amarillo, jicama, onion, chip.

Frost – Pear, Riesling, sugar.

Smoke – Chicken, mushroom, bacon, corona beans, leek, onion, creamy broth.

Snow – Meringue, coconut mocha ice cream, white chocolate truffle.
Steam – White tea.