Spun Honey

Seeds, flowers, nectar, bees, pollen, honey, wax, extraction, consumption, pollination, fruit, seeds, flowers—it's a miraculous loop fundamental to our entire ecosystem.  But beyond our appreciation of this natural cycle, we love that honey reflects the environment through the essence of the flowers the nectar was collected.  We are drawn to the formal properties of honey as a material—it's fluctuating viscosity as well as it's ability to both absorb and refract light.  Spun Honey concentrates on the process of how honey is made and consumed, inviting the participant to take part in a kinetic loop where a simple mechanical effort—a method inspired by traditional honey extraction—withdraws the honey and drizzles it on a tart. To perpetuate the cycle, participants are encouraged to take away a seed packet to plant the seeds for future honey.

Spun Honey
Loop #2

Ingredients: Local Wildflower Honey, Cream Cheese, Shortbread, Wildflowers

Materials: Beeswax, Wood, Rope, Wildflower Seeds, Vellum, Hardware


The installation consists of a large round table covered in hexagon shaped tarts with cream cheese and flowers, which from above looks like a honeycomb. Above it was suspended a rod with six bees wax honey pots each filled with local wildflower honey. Each pot has small opening in the bottom to slowly drizzle its contents. The rod hangs from ropes that connect to a wheel and a series of pulleys ending in a simple hand crank.  By spinning the wheel the ropes wind up and rotate the pots creating a concentric set of honey drizzle.

As the event goes on the tarts are eaten and the honey covers more of the tarts.