Sam's Movie Night

A casual showing of B movies turns into an elaborate underground theater with the help of robots and concessions by Thought for Food. The summer series curated by Sam included Black Narcissus, Pirahna 3d, Repo Man, and Total Recall. We carefully curated a menu specific to each movie. Flavored popcorns and sodas with some special sweets where inspired by people, places and happening in the film you were about to see. If you’re familiar with these movies you understand the meanings. Otherwise the significance is reveled as the night unfolds.

For this over the top and bloody movie, we created drinks that bled. Body shot was a watermelon chunk soaked in cherry concentrate that was served in a shot of vodka and looked like a piece of bloody flesh. Flesh wound was a lime soda with a mangled black cherry and a cherry ice cube that slowly turned the drink red as the night went on and the excitement kicked in. We also created a popcorn flavor called Lake Victoria, which consisted of dried seaweed and bonito flakes.

Repo Man
The Frenshner – cookies made with custom cutters and stencils to look like car air freshners featured in the film.

Totall Recall
Melina Martian Bars - an intermission treat of homemade Mars bars