24 Frames Per Second

For an annual party for Autofuss (a creative film production company), we created an edible installation that played off time based media and initiated the first in a series of work based on the concept of a loop, or cycle. Mesmerized by how caramel is affected by heat and gravity, we chose caramel apples and popcorn for our snacks.

24 frames per second (an 8 second loop) divided a long narrow table into 8 segments of 24 "frames" (the standard amount of frames in 1 second of film). Each frame, labeled as timecode (the industry standard for labeling sequences), represents a piece of the story. 

192 mini apples were suspended by laser cut hooks and placed over boxes (frames) filled with popcorn and nuts. The hooks were of various lengths, creating a kind of visual waveform.

As part of the performance, we dipped the apples one by one into warm caramel. After dipping the apples, they were suspended and left to tell their own narrative based on time, heat, and human interaction. Caramel dripped onto the popcorn at varying speeds creating a combined new sweet/savory treat.

We captured the action in dramatic silhouettes by hanging white vellum frames, where guests were able to observe a constantly evolving story from a distance.